What is Bocce?

Bocce is one of the most inclusive sports around. It provides a great opportunity to promote sport in the community.

Bocce is a ball sport belonging to the boules sport family, closely related to bowls and pétanque with a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire.

Club Italia has competition standard facilities. We have 8 courts. We are affiliated with ‘Bocce Victoria’ who provide resources and coaching.

What equipment do we use?

The game is traditionally played with brass balls weighing approximately 1kg with grooves to differentiate different players. In an attempt to make the game more visual for players and spectators coloured composite balls are now used for social bocce.

What are the basic rules?

The aim is to get your ball closest to the jack. The following formats of the game are played:
– Traditional Game
– Progressive throw
– Precision throw

Where can I get more information?

http://www.boccevictoria.com/Bocce Victoria – Top bocce video’s



What can Club Italia do for you?

Club Italia promotes health and well-being within the community. We also share our Italian culture when participating in the game of bocce.

We can incorporate Bocce into a sports curriculum, Italian cultural studies, team building and corporate events or just organize an event for your particular social group.

Facilities & Equipment include:
• 8 Competition standard courts (granitic sand)
• Triples (2 teams of 3) can be played on each court allowing up to 48 participants at one time
• 8 sets of coloured composite balls (8 balls per set)

Sunshine Rockets: – Affiliation with Bocce Victoria (governing body) – Access to coaching and workshops to coach and develop the skills of players

Members – Angelo Tenaglia – President (recipient of the Australian Sports Medal 2000)
Aldo Mainelli – Secretary
Angelo Parisi – National Bocce Title holder

Angelo Parisi – Pallino

Angelo Parisi – Carreau

For more information contact Angelo Tenaglia on 0413 163 052.