Social Events are a big part of the culture at Club Italia Sporting Club, so we always welcome any person to join us to celebrate some of the social events that occur at Club Italia Sporting Club.








*These events begin at 6:30pm*

Social Calendar for 2017:

Saturday 11th Feb – Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance – JR and the Crew

Saturday 11th March – Sicilian Night – JR and the Crew

Saturday 1st April – Calabrese Night

Sunday 30th April – Sardinian Lunch: click here for more information

Saturday 14th May – Mother’s Day

Saturday 19th August – Abruzzo Night

Sunday 3rd September – Father’s Day

Saturday 14th October – Campania Night

Saturday 16th December – Members Night

Sunday 31st December – New Years Eve

Pensioner’s Lunch

*These events begin at 12:00pm*

pensioners lunch

All Pensioners Lunches are held on Wednesdays.

22nd February – Joe La Greca

22nd March – No Limits

12th April – Pensioners Lunch

26th April 

17th May 

14th June

19th July

23rd August 

6th September 

25th October 

15th November 

20th December –

For all Pensioner’s Lunches, please ring Salvina on 9367 3523

Ballo Liscio

*These events begin at 6:30pm*

28th January – Band: Kato

25th February – Band: Kato

25th March – Band: Kato

22nd April – Band: Kato

20th May 

24th June 

15th July 

26th August 

30th September 

28th October 

18th November

23rd December –

More information to be added soon.


For all other bookings and information on the above events, please call the club on 9367 4187 or Contact Us.

**Just a reminder that here at the club, we hold free bingo every Tuesday night and Thursday morning!**